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Anna van der Wal
i get my gift card to my email that was sent and valid to use !!

Bram Schaaf
I thought this was a scam at first, but my walmart gift card arrived today. My girlfriend is super jealous, haha!

Sophie Hoff
I'm not a passionate player, but I chose the walmart gift card! Why not? LOL

Demi Haverlag
This quiz was too easy, I hope to receive my walmart gift card too

Esmee Green
No...No...I wanted a gift card! She is out of stock in !!!! But free is better than nothing, I still received my iphone 14 pro max gift card yesterday...XOXO

Isa Janssens
I saw this game once and I ignored it thinking it was a hoax. I saw this ad from again and I decided to try it because I was bored… In fact, I received my walmart gift card too! It's CRAZY!

You earn (1) extra spin.

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